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News Guangdong

Cherishing the memory of the challenging Long March

With all the twists, turns and countermarches along the 12,500-km-long journey, the soul-stirring stories of the legendary Long March starting in 1934 have taken on a new lease of life 85 years on.

Where to buy a train ticket?

Please go to the ticket office of the railway transportation company or its sales agent to buy train tickets. Currently, the railway sector provides the following modalities:

GZ’s property market sees demand from GBA plan

Savills Research Department Director Xie Jingyu said that an increasing number of overseas and domestic investors are looking for property projects in Guangzhou after the release of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development plan.

Australian national Mark Eames' entrepreneurship story in Nansha

Mark Eames and his family hailing from Australia received their permanent residence from the Nansha government in November of last year. They then set up their own company within just half a year, with assistance from the government and many preferential policies.

Guangzhou fosters business growth with proactive policies

The Guangzhou Development District has made great efforts to create a favorable business environment with convenient government administrative services as part of a vibrant climate for innovation and entrepreneurship, said local officials.

Book fair ignites reading frenzy

Shenzhen Book Fair, displaying more than 1 million books at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, attracted crowds of visitors over the weekend.
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